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Justin Trawick


Justin Trawick, "Kool Kids (Live)" (9:30 Club-6/29/07)

Justin Trawick, "Blind Man (Live)" (9:30 Club-6/29/07)

Justin Trawick, "Brick by Brick (Live)" (9:30 Club-6/29/07)

Justin Trawick, "Water's Rising" (IOTA-6/15/07)

Voice of America piece on CD release at Iota March 2007


The lot of us humans fumble through our days and lives with such a compilation of stories and feeling that really, someone should be writing it all down; singing about it even. Then, wouldn’t it be great if said someone concocted a full-bodied blend of silky tune, gritty vocals and shoulder-dancing beats and poured it all into a comprehensive live performance? Justin Trawick has been doing us all this favor and only parts of the world are aware of it.

Walking the tightrope between various genres, Justin’s music fluently balances between sometimes rowdy, other times consoling, forms of folk, bluegrass, and hip hop bestowing upon listeners an incorporated and organic form of poetry.

Navigating the Washington, DC music scene, Justin has been tunefully hitting the local clubs, coffeehouses, and bars since November 2004, quickly expanding his range to larger venues up and down the east coast ranging from the esteemed Kennedy Center to the ruggedly trendy 9:30 Club. He plays both solo and with his band, The Justin Trawick Group, as they're notably called, consisting of quite the velvety brew of piano, cello, violin, mandolin, upright bass, hand percussion, and drums. Having opened for the honorable likes of Bob Schneider and Brett Dennen, Trawick leaps and bounds over the achingly typical singer/songwriter and lands, both feet, in a genre of his own.

Trawick’s debut album, How to Build a Life With a Lemonade Stand was recorded live in 2006 and warmly eased its way into the driver's seat of a fine folk, hip-hop combination, taking all thirteen tracks on a first-rate drums-on-the-steering-wheel ride. With smoothed-out Dylan vocals skipping over his effortless guitar playing Justin released the CD in March 2007 and has continued to bolster individual lives ever since.



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