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Utenzil Videos

Utenzil "The Next Luckiest Day"

Utenzil's MIDI Guitron


Computer-based electronic music featuring algorithmic rhythms and intertwining melodies flowing over, around and through an eclectic mix of pulsing effects and percussive eruptions.

Mike Mc Morris comprises Utenzil, based in Montgomery County, Maryland, Utenzil is an independent recording project that performs in the MD/DC/VA area and also collaborates via the internet, providing music for independent film and video projects. Having played off and on in bands for years, Mike has a background in computer science and musical training. These characteristcs, coupled with an introverted geekiness, aversion to lugging amplifiers and the ever-rising cost of travelling to practice with actual humans facilitate his adaptation to computer-based electronic music.

Conflicted and unsure of whether or not to finish this portion of the bio with something 'industry sounding' at the risk of sounding like taking himself too seriously, he will type a period now.

Utenzil composes, performs and produces computer-centric electronic music incorporating live vocals, guitar, keyboard and digitally recorded live ambient samples. Utenzil uses Ableton Live, Propellerheads Reason, Sony mics, Audio Technica mics, M-Audio mics and interfaces, Marshall mics, Tascam interface, Alesis effects and drum machine, Ibanez Guitars, Peavey and Mesa Boogie amps, Korg effects, and an aging Casio (that's right, Casio) CZ-5000 synth.



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