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Dust Bowlers

Song Samples:
Sacto Song
South of 10th St.

Hey Hey Woody Guthrie





Tim Penney - vocals, guitars
I play guitar, lap steel, and mandolin. I've been writing songs for a long time and have played solo in Austin, Denver, Sacramento, and Washington, DC. In DC, I met up with Mike and that's when the dustbowlers started. I grew up in Oklahoma and the dustbowlers name just kind of got attached to the band.

I mainly play a 1969 Fender Telecaster, but also play a 63 Jazzmaster and a parted together Jazzmaster. I play a Jerry Jones 12 string and a Jerry Jones Shorthorn. I have a really beat up Fender Electric XII that is on the other CDs. I like Gibson acoustics and play an early 30s L-00, and a 1941 Roy Smeck Stage DeLuxe.

For amps I play through a Swart Atomic Space Tone. I also have a late 50s Guild 66J and a 59 Fender Harvard. For lap steel, I play a National Rocket 110.

Mike Magor - drums
His bovine nature is not by accident. Found one spring morning without a stitch of clothing, apparently living with a herd of cattle in a field just West of the Missouri river, Mike was instantly famous. Radio, TV, and Life magazine covered the bizarre story, and even with all of the publicity, his mother was never found. The farmer and his wife who owned the cattle adopted the boy and raised him as their own. Mary, the farmer's wife, had played drums in an all girl dance band and encouraged Mike's early drumming aspirations. Mike plays a drum with calfskin heads, and doesn't eat meat.

Jeff Mcwilliams - bass
While growing up on a rural farm near Modale, Iowa, I was influenced early in life by the country music coming out of the radios in my father’s tractors and the 60s and 70s rock and roll on an older brother’s record collection. I took up the tuba in 5th grade, but by high school I wanted something cooler so I bought an electric bass from the Sears catalog and a Peavey amp from a pawn shop. I taught myself to play tuba parts on the bass guitar so I could sit in with my high school’s pep band at half times during basketball home games. In college I switched to acoustic guitar and started listening to The Cure, The Replacements, Husker Du, REM, and The Jam. Fast forward a decade, after various jobs and a couple years with the Peace Corps in Kenya, I was living in Los Angeles going to graduate school when I took up the bass again. Being inspired by a city that spawned such great acts as Love, The Flying Burrito Brothers and Black Flag, I started jamming regularly with a classmate who was into stuff like Dave Alvin, Uncle Tupelo, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash and Neil Young. A degree and 3,000 miles later I’m now a Virginian and playing with The Dustbowlers.



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